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a human i think

i post about hyperfixations and also my mood occasionally. would like to make friends on fedi :)

"oh my god seb you should not be allowed to write c code" - @ecs

occasionally my avatar changes between various colors in the NES color palette, don't worry about it it just does that sometimes

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just remembered this and i still think it's kinda funny

so, in high school, one of the water fountains broke. and by one of them i actually mean the only good one in the entire building. and it just stayed broken for like a month, and i was getting pretty fed up with it. but there was a break coming up, idk if it was spring break or holiday break or what, but i figured alright they'll probably fix it then. but then first day back, it's still broken. so i decide fuck it, i'm gonna make them do something about this

so i printed a picture of big yoshi and taped it on the water fountain, with the text "taping yoshi onto the water fountain until it's fixed: day 1". the next day, i taped 2 big yoshis, and updated the text to say day 2. then 3 yoshis for day 3. it took only 5 days of me doing this for them to fix the water fountain

i remember in one of my classes the teacher was talking about the yoshis on the water fountain, and saying they're wondering who it is that's doing it, and i was just there trying to act natural and unsuspicious lmao

pic related

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seb (but spooky) . @sebastian,

also yeah youtube is shit use invidious or yt-dlp and all that stuff, i post youtube links so people who have an invidious redirect extension installed will be redirected to their preferred instance without bothering people who prefer to use youtube for whatever reason

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so for unspecified stuff: i want my implementation to do what's generally useful for a shell, the idea being that it would be cool if i could write a posix shell which uses wordexp, which might be difficult and possibly not possible but anyways: one of the things that's unspecified (or undefined? i don't remember, it's one of the two) is behavior of special parameters like $#. so i'm opting to recognize and parse them, but just treat them as normal parameters, so the program can pass in "locals" (or, unexported parameters i guess) to wordexp, and the same mechanism can be used for regular parameters and special parameters

this is all a lead up to realizing, shit this might be hard to parse

${#} # equivalent to $#
${#var} # gets length of var
${##} # gets length of $#
${##0} # strips the 0 prefix from $#
${###} # strips an empty prefix from $#
${####} # strips the # prefix from $#
${#?} # gets length of $?
${#?foo} # errors with message foo if $# is unset
${#-} # gets length of $-
${#-foo} # substitutes foo if $# is unset

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hm, come to think of it, i bet my terminal redrawing issues in foot aren't actually issues with foot at all

because, uh, i have very similar problems with other programs. like, if i use space or shift+space to scroll in firefox, occasionally the screen won't update, but i know that it actually scrolled because pressing anything else causes it to update. same problem in zathura, sometimes i'll scroll and it won't redraw. st ran in xwayland, which is probably why it didn't have this issue (not sure why i didn't make this connection until now lol)

so ok cool maybe sway is somehow fucked up for me?

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more thoughts on foot:

1. the terminal "bugs" continue to happen. sometimes when i press a key it just, won't redraw the screen. this happens often enough that if i can't figure out how to fix this i'll probably switch terminal emulators for this reason alone

2. one downside to using a foot server is that changes to the config file don't take affect for new footclients; i need to, well, restart the server, which closes all of my terminal windows. at some point i might check if i can patch foot to reload the config when it receives SIGUSR1 or something, if that's at all possible

3. clang defaults to not outputting color, since the default $TERM is "foot". i needed to add `term=foot-256color` to my config to fix this. not sure why this isn't just the default?

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